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A driver’s license is an officer document, often plastic and also the size of a mastercard, permitting a selected individual to control one or more styles of automobiles, like a motorbike, car, truck, or bus on a public road.

Most American jurisdictions issue a driver license but some a driver’s license, which is conversationally American English; Canadian English uses both driver’s licence additionally as driver licence (Maritimes), the Australian and New Zealand English equivalent is driver licence, in British English and in many Commonwealth of states countries and Ireland it’s driver’s licence. In most international agreements the wording driving permit is employed, for example within the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. during this article, the American terminology and spelling is employed generally but in country specific sections, the local spelling variant is employed.

The laws referring to the licensing of drivers vary between jurisdictions. In some jurisdictions, a permit is issued after the recipient has passed a driving test, while in others, someone acquires their permit before getting down to drive. Different categories of permit often exist for various styles of motorcars, particularly large trucks and passenger vehicles. the issue of the driving test varies considerably between jurisdictions, as do factors like age and also the required level of competence and practice.

Many European countries require drivers to provide their permit on demand when driving. Some European countries require adults to hold proof of identity in any respect times, but a driving permit isn’t valid for identification in every land.

In the uk most drivers aren’t required to hold their “Driving Licence”. A driver could also be required by a constable or vehicle examiner to provide this, but may provide it at a specified station within seven days;[15] the police issue a form for this purpose.

In Denmark, Finland, Norway, Spain and Sweden, the driving permit number is listed together with the bearer’s national number. Banks and public authorities use the identical number for customer databases, making the permit fully useful for identification purposes

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